Welcome to Shelton Farms!

Thanks for your interest in our program. We have been involved in breeding meat goats for 12 years. Shelton Farms is completely family owned and operated. We strive to produce high quality club goats and have been blessed with success over the years. We are constantly working towards improving our program. From the beginning we have been supporters of youth projects and continue to do so today. Our children are actively involved in 4-H and we enjoy seeing the benefits that youth livestock projects provide for our children as well as others. We are very thankful for the wonderful people met and friendships made through the years. 

We want to say a special Thank You to the Ward family of Ward's Boer Goats. Pete Ward and his family have been mentors to us for many years and we certainly would not be where we are today without them. We can't thank them enough for all their help throughout the past several years.